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The Amazing Transformative Power Of Nature

While there are certainly “outdoors” and “indoors” types, there’s still something to be said for the transformative power of nature. Even the worst of moods would be hard pressed to keep someone from enjoying a nice sunset, a beautiful starry sky, or a cool breeze enjoyed with friends or loved ones. Sometimes just stepping outside […]


A Smart City

There are more smart cities springing up throughout the world each and every year. A smart city is part of mankind’s attempt to take care of this planet. For years and years there has been a continual abuse against all of nature’s resources. For this reason, we see a lot of climatic issues occurring. Some […]


Experiencing The Spring’s Beautiful Colors

Everyone should be well aware of the turning of the leaves every fall and spring. It’s especially refreshing during the latter. As the winter chill dies down and the warmth slowly creeps its way back in, trees and bushes finally start regaining their color and flourishing once more. The glory of spring seems to give […]


A Fjord View

Have you ever been to Norway? Norway is a beautiful country that has hundreds of fjords. Many Norwegians prefer to build their homes on the shores of these fjords because of the fantastic view. A home built on a hillside overlooking a fjord will provide the owner with an incredible view throughout year. Another reason […]


The Benefit Of Walks In The Forest

Not too long ago, I was the type to sit in my room for hours on end, with my laptop open, cellphone nearby, and television tuned into all my old favorites on Netflix. The comfort of indoors and all of the amazing modern gadgets and gizmos is always a great catharsis, but one day a […]


Global Agriculture

Centuries ago, agriculture was basically related to a small area of where you lived. Whatever grew in your area was basically what you would eat. For example, people who lived in Canada would rarely eat oranges, lemons, limes, or tropical fruit. On the other hand, people who lived in the tropics would rarely eat raspberries, […]