The Benefit Of Walks In The Forest

Not too long ago, I was the type to sit in my room for hours on end, with my laptop open, cellphone nearby, and television tuned into all my old favorites on Netflix. The comfort of indoors and all of the amazing modern gadgets and gizmos is always a great catharsis, but one day a sudden power outage forced me to spend a few hours outside for once. I didn’t bother getting in the car to go somewhere; instead, I began sauntering through the woods behind my house.

I don’t know what compelled me to just start walking. Perhaps it was some degree of pent up anxiety needing to be let loose. Either way, all of the beautiful sights and sounds of nature relaxed me more than I’d been in some time. Rather than sitting hunched over my electronics as tense as can be, I was out, being active, breathing the fresh air. I felt amazing.

Now, I try to get out and walk at least once a week. It makes me feel connected to nature. I now realize that I was missing out on what the world around me has to offer. If you ever grow tired of countless days looking at screens, I can’t possibly recommend just going out for a walk enough.

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